Hello World!

Well, here we go on this adventure! My first real blogging exercise in which I´ll share my thoughts on what I called “Blue Practice” “A Simple Work”

This blog, as a live being, is born today, but it will evolve, mature and eventually will turn to what my personal experience, founded on the trial-and-error philosophy will dictate.

There is no other target for this blog than show, express and document my experience of mainly combining spirituality with business (east meets west?). However, as you will read, there are as well a lot of interesting links on personal matters.

If these lines helps you to overcome your obstacles on your business or in personal life, then, my efforts on this exercise will be worth and I celebrate them!

If not, then, I invite you to leave a comment on your thoughts. Your input will support my quest and improve the upcoming pages (remember the trial-and-error approach).

Thanks in advance.



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