About Me

  • Since 2004, I’ve been a corporate employee working for several transnationals in different industries. Main markets for all of them is US, Canada and Mexico.
  • Since 2008, I’m married to a wonderful, supportive and nutritive spouse, Paulina.
  • Since 2008, my main responsibilities have been to act as a mediator between Corporate and Customer needs (often driven by the last one).
  • Since 2009, we gave birth to our first daughter, Natalia, which has been a wonderful addition to our lives.
  • Since 2011, I’ve been a Bönpo. This is the term coined for a Bön Buddhist practitioner from which, most of the reflections shown on this record will take foundation.

It’s NOT my intention and I DON’T pretend to substitute in any way the wonderful minds and teachings of contemporary Bön Masters and teachers, which I strongly recommend to attend to any of their worldwide seminars and teachings.





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