Thinking Too Much

I’ve not writing too frequent to the blog since I’ve thinking. Thinking on what specifically? I didn’t know until I reflect why should I be thinking if there is no particular reason for it. As someone said: “My monkey mind is still playing around with me”.

So far, I can’t be without thinking on something for too long. My ultimate focus was on how does a different solution could work for a particular condition. Yes, I came up with different solutions and resolutions but they wont happen until next opportunity. The “what if” scenario.

Something positive is that I could be better prepared to avoid a wrong/mislead/inappropriate answers when I face to similar contexts. After several tryouts it could then be part of my first and immediate reaction any stimulus.

But still not there. Work in progress. So I think I should still try/think/practice/found a way so that turns to be part of me. Solutions for everyday that get’s the best outcome from the beginning for as many as possible.




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