Last week I had several events that challenged my mental and emotional stability. To my surprise, I felt calm, serene and based on the outcome of my answers, I’d dare to say that I pronounced adequate statements. In those events we were sharing professional performance and results of many work-related areas (people, organizations, personal matters).

However, if we go back to my first post on this reflection exercise a.k.a “A Simple Work” I’m still not totally comfortable with the situations described on it. Meanwhile I’m just doing what I think is the best, rather than complaining about why I should do other’s work and wasting my energies on it.

I shared this idea with one of my best friends. I think that this approach worked well for her based on her Facebook recent update. She sounds happy with the concept and I’m glad for her.

Grounding is a key concept to these. If we have that good anchor we can navigate through difficulties without being driven by the momentum. Grounding to be ourselves all the times without glimpses or sour moments.

My suggestion (as I told my friend) is to use your energy to show your best any time. Yes, we could still have weak moments and react with greed, anger and saying things that we didn’t mean.  Achievement feelings will come more frequent and a different “you” will start to emerge.



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