I attended yesterday a webinar hosted by IBM and Harvard Business Review. On this session, IBM provide highlights on the latest CEO survey from their Institute for Business Value (interesting that this research came from a former computer giant!). One of the highlights was about how CEOs are looking to adjust their strategies to keep business running. They said: “change is here to stay”.

I do remember IBM back in the 80’s and 90’s as a computer maker, not as a research institute. They have been evolving to a certain point when in 2004, they sold their computer business to the Chinese manufacturing Lenovo. Selling what made IBM what it is today was definitely not an easy change.

When we face changes in our business or life, we usually start to feel anxious about it since we’re not familiar to what change will bring.  These adjustments fit nicely to the Bön Impermanence concept, which teaches us to not to see things and events as fixed concepts. Everything is in constant evolution.

Impermanence teach us as well different ways to embrace change. If we grasp to change resistance we’ll use a lot of energy (physical and emotional) and we’ll suffer to maintain it. However, if we accept change as a natural course of life, we’ll spend our physical and emotional energy to adjust ourselves to it, making an easier and less painful transition.

Tune guitar cords not too loose, not too tight to play it the best way. However, we need to learn to tune them properly and this requires effort and practice until it becomes natural to us.



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