Feeling Compassion

When living on the Corporate culture, you learn to categorize everything (money, time, effort, etc.) into 2 buckets:
1. Investments
2. Expenses

By just looking to these concepts, none of them indicates their goodness (or badness). We give them a “valid” meaning until you put them within a context or results (mainly financial). This is the “standard” dualistic way to label our ideas, experiences and results.

Compassion teaches us to see beyond context or definition of the actions and events that impact our lives. It is beyond giving charity or donations. It’s like reading the mind of the other understanding why he/she is doing what he/she is doing and feel empaty on his/her reasons. It’s not an easy skill to develop.

This week I had a small, meeting to review a process that was outstanding. Some of the participants were more engaged to make it happen tham others. You can name their reasons fot not being cooperative (resistance to change, lack of leadership, fear, lazyness, etc.) but that was a fact. When I saw this, my first reaction was as: “why they don’t see it! We’re trying to help! If they don’t want to participate, why I should care!” It was predictable that the meeting was not going to close the gap.

One of the keys to break the deadlock during meeting was when I step out of the main discussion and get some space. During this brief moment I took refuge on it without judging or processing thoughts. Some moments later, I came back and propose to define what we were trying to solve and why it will be difficult to do so. The forum quickly re-focused their thoughts and things started to roll better.

I left the meeting and still things didn’t concluded. Should I still try to push on a compasionate manner to close this pending topic? Or shall I leave this “as is”, feeling compassionate on the nature of the situation?



One thought on “Feeling Compassion

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